Intertape RSA

Intertape RSA 2024-TB

RESOURCES This premium drive style “captures” the case between four drive belts located above and below the case. This configuration provides maximum stability since it applies force to the strongest areas

Intertape UA 26204

Intertape UA 262024-SB

RESOURCES Interpack’s UA Series Case Sealers are adjustable, operator free machines that process same sized RSC style cases. These machines are required when production flow rates exceed manual processing or when

Intertape RA 1000 SB

Intertape RA 1000-SB

RA Series Case Sealers Are Operator Free Machines Engineered To Process Random Sized Cases. The RA Series Case Sealers Will Index The Flow Of Cases Into The Machine, Automatically Sense

Wexxar Bel 290

RESOURCES The BEL 290 automatic case sealer is designed to meet the case sealing demands of heavy-duty applications and to minimize energy waste during slow or paused case production upstream. The

Wexxar Bel 150

RESOURCES The BEL 150 is a high quality, semi-automatic, top and bottom pressure sensitive tape case sealer designed for the entry level market. This versatile and compact machine can seal a

Wexxar Bel 252 Case Sealer

RESOURCES The BEL 252 is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive uniform case taper. It is an affordable high quality fully automatic case taper that offers highly advanced production duty design. No

Wexxar Bel 250 Fully Automatic Case Taper

RESOURCES The BEL 250 is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive, uniform case taper. Its innovative design emphasizes safety, simple operation and rugged construction all contained within the smallest footprint of any

Bel 185 Semi-Automatic Random Case Taper

RESOURCES The Bel 185 is a semi-automatic random top & bottom case sealer. It conveniently self-adjusts and applies pressure-sensitive tape to various size cases, providing improved productivity in case sealing lines.

BEL 180 Semi-Automatic Random Case Taper

RESOURCES The Bel 180 automatically adjusts for cases that vary randomly in both width and height when they are presented to the sealer. The height and width adjusting mechanisms have locking

Wexxar Bel 150

Wexxar Bel 150X

RESOURCES Bel 150X Pressure Sensitive Case Taper Features & Specs:Speed: 30 cases per minute (CPM)Quick case size changesUni-Drive case transport systemDEKKA High Performance tape headsModular design allows for a customized BEL

Wexxar WST edited

Wexxar WST

RESOURCES The WST is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive tape case sealer. It is a compact, versatile case sealer for top seal only or top and bottom seal. The WST is heavy

Bel 5150E

Wexxar Bel 5150E Semi-Automatic Form

RESOURCES Bel 5150E is an all-in-one form, pack and seal system designed for e-commerce. This machine is designed for the fluid and shifting nature of the industry with the ability