BEL 180 Semi-Automatic Random Case Taper


The Bel 180 automatically adjusts for cases that vary randomly in both width and height when they are presented to the sealer. The height and width adjusting mechanisms have locking movements for safety in case of sudden air loss. The adjustments can also be fixed in position for sealing a series of uniform size cases. Cases are taped top and bottom with either 2″ or 3″ wide tape using Dekka stainless steel tape heads.



  • Converts to a uniform case sealer with one button that locks the height and width into position
  • Tilt-out tape head for quick, easy tape roll changes
  • Built-in safety features that prevent accidental restarts and guard against operator contact with moving parts
  • Stainless-steel machine frame, electrical enclosure, arch, and case transport rollers
  • Dual HP side belt drive gear motors
  • Conveyor belt and assembly parts are mounted on top and easily accessible, making changes and adjustments simple