Clamco Rollbag R3200

Rollbag R3200 Automatic Bagger

RESOURCES The Rollbag™ R3200 automatic bagger is the ultimate automatic poly bagger for high speed, versatile, and reliable packaging. The R3200 automatic bagger can cycle at speeds of up to 80 bags

Emplex MPS 6300 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES The MPS 6300 validatable bag sealer is a continuous sealer capable of creating validatable seals at speeds up to 1000” per minute for bags/pouches up weighing up to 2.0 lbs,

Emplex MPS 6140

Emplex MPS 6140 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES The Emplex MPS 6140 delivers precise, strong seals for customers who require high-quality bags and pouches in a compact tabletop design. The MPS 6140 is a low maintenance machine with

Emplex MPS 6100 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES This line of bag and pouch sealers delivers fast, precise, and strong seals on bags and stand-up pouches. Both models offer true plug and play capabilities for reliable, easy-to-use performance

Emplex MPS

Emplex MPS 14000 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES MPS 14000 high speed band sealers with dual heating and cooling zones deliver an extraordinary 1,500 inches (3,810 cm) per minute of validatable sealing on any style heat sealable bag,

Emplex ACS

Emplex ACS 6200 & 7200 Bag Sealers

RESOURCES The Emplex ACS Series delivers high speed sealing for horizontal and angled product handling applications. Multiple standard conveyor lengths, industry leading performance and flexible loading options meet the most demanding

VS1 Vacuum Sealer

VacPack Vacuum Sealer VS1

RESOURCES Plexpack’s VacPack Series are robust, stainless steel food-grade sealers that create modified atmosphere packages for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers

VacPack VP Series

VacPack VP Series

RESOURCES Plexpack’s VacPack VP Series set the standard for food, protein, electronics and medical packagers that require a heavy-duty, washdown vacuum, and gas flush sealer at a moderate investment. Plexpack’s VacPack VP