Intertape RSA 2024-TB

Intertape RSA


This premium drive style “captures” the case between four drive belts located above and below the case. This configuration provides maximum stability since it applies force to the strongest areas of the case which is in the direction of the fluting of the corrugated. Minimizing force is applied while the case is processing. This style processes the widest variety of case dimension but certain narrow width cases may be better suited on side belt drives.



  • Top & Bottom Belt Is The Premium Drive Preferred For Most Applications
  • Offset Tape Heads Will Process Cases As Low As 2″ Tall
  • Horizontal Pneumatic Centering Side Guides With Roller To Reduce Operator Fatigue
  • “Head Up” Switch To Raise And Secure The Upper Head Provides A Safe
  • Condition to: clear jams, replace lower tape roll, self tensioning / self tracking belt drive