Clamco W-280

Clamco Motorized Polysealers

RESOURCES Motorized Polysealers are great for air and watertight sealing of polyethylene bags used for packaging food, dry goods, hardware, and miscellaneous manufactured products. The Model W-280 Clamco Motorized Polysealer is made

Clamco ElectroSealer

Audion Titan™ Electro-Sealer™

RESOURCES The Audion Titan Electro-Sealer is designed to provide high production rates for sealing poly bags. The Electro-Sealer ensures consistent heat seals in polyethylene, anti-stat, and other poly materials. Titan Electro-Sealers

Clamco Versaquad

VersaQuad 4400 Four Side Sealer

RESOURCES VersaQuad 4400 Four Side Sealer is a large automatic poly bagger for products that will be introduced horizontally on a conveyor. This system automatically measures the dimensions of the

Clamco Magnum Horizontal Bagger

Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Packaging System

RESOURCES The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfillment automatic bagger is an elite poly mailer packaging system. This horizontal automatic bagger works with coex poly tubing as well as pre-made coex

Clamco Rollbag Magnum

Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger

RESOURCES The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger is designed to meet the unique requirements of large bag packaging with a horizontal loading configuration. The Magnum Horizontal is ideal for long or

Emplex MPS 6140

Emplex MPS 6140 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES The Emplex MPS 6140 delivers precise, strong seals for customers who require high-quality bags and pouches in a compact tabletop design. The MPS 6140 is a low maintenance machine with

Emplex MPS 6100 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES This line of bag and pouch sealers delivers fast, precise, and strong seals on bags and stand-up pouches. Both models offer true plug and play capabilities for reliable, easy-to-use performance

Emplex MPS

Emplex MPS 14000 Bag Sealer

RESOURCES MPS 14000 high speed band sealers with dual heating and cooling zones deliver an extraordinary 1,500 inches (3,810 cm) per minute of validatable sealing on any style heat sealable bag,

Sharp SX GO

Sharp SX GO

The SX GO is a compact, tabletop bagging system that can can fit bags up to 18″ wide – widest in the industry. This easy to use bagging system can

Sharp SX

Sharp SX Tabletop Bagger

RESOURCES™ baggers are a compact, turnkey solution for bagging automation. These all-electric systems are easy to use and plug into any standard outlet for ultimate convenience. With efficient printing, touchscreen

Sprint Side Pouch

Sprint Side Pouch

The SPrint SidePouch® Bagging System — Improves packaging productivity and offers value-added bag features The SPrint SidePouch packaging system is engineered to provide high productivity solutions for hand load through fully-automatic

PS 125 Table-Top Baggers

PS 125 Table-Top Bagger

RESOURCES the Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125TM Tabletop Baggers – The Ultimate in Hand Load Packaging Systems The Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125TM and PS 125 OneStepTM Tabletop Baggers are specifically designed to