Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Packaging System

Clamco Magnum Horizontal Bagger


The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfillment automatic bagger is an elite poly mailer packaging system. This horizontal automatic bagger works with coex poly tubing as well as pre-made coex poly mailers on a roll. The benefits of poly tubing include lower material cost and the ability to change bag length on the fly. By right-sizing the bag to the product being packaged, you reduce your material cost as well as your shipping costs. You no longer have to ship oversized poly bags that are impacted by dimensional weight pricing.

By loading the product horizontally, this poly mailer packaging system allows your operators to package products in a more ergonomic reach zone than with vertical loading systems. Furthermore, by looking straight ahead as opposed to looking down during product loading, operators have better neck posture and improved field of view. Since this mail order packaging system has a horizontal load configuration with integrated conveyor, the footprint is significantly smaller than vertical load systems. This is especially true when factoring in take-away conveyors that vertical systems require for conveying the bag to the next step of the fulfillment process.


The Magnum Horizontal Mail Order Fulfillment bagger is equipped with a label printer applicator with first bag out printing to create a fully integrated mail order fulfillment bag packaging solution. The direct thermal printer eliminates the need for printer ribbon. Furthermore, this automatic bagger for poly mailer packaging can be equipped with a dual sided label printer applicator to include the shipping information and packing slip on a single label. This feature simplifies the packaging process, as the operator no longer has to wait for and place the packing slip directly inside the poly mailer bag.