VersaQuad 4400 Four Side Sealer

Clamco Versaquad


The VersaQuad 4400 Four Side Sealer is a large automatic poly bagger for products that will be introduced horizontally on a conveyor. This system automatically measures the dimensions of the product being packaged and forms a right-sized poly bag (width, length, and height) around it. Furthermore, the VersaQuad 4400 can print and apply a shipping or product identification label directly on the bag, at the point of packaging. The VersaQuad 4400 variable poly bagger is ideal for high-speed packaging of products into poly mailers as well as those that need to be shipped to a fulfillment center.


Features & Benefits

The VersaQuad 4400 is an advanced poly bagging system that makes a four-sided seal around a product. The packaging process is as follows:

  • Operator (or induction conveyor) places the product, approximately centered, on the machine conveyor.
  • The product is scanned by the overhead barcode scanner (optional) or by hand prior to being placed on the conveyor.
  • The product is dimensioned (width, length, height) using the integrated 3D scanner.
  • Both side sealers adjust to the width of the product. The side sealers also adjust in height so that the seal is vertically in the middle of the package, for a more aesthetic final package appearance.
  • Once the product reaches the cross seal bar, the cross seal bar will be activated by sensors that detect the product length. Film is fed on demand via two powered film unwind cradles (top and bottom). The product is now wrapped with film on the top and bottom.
  • Once the product passes through the cross seal bar, a shipping label is applied to the top side of the film. This label is generated by the customer’s shipping software and corresponds to the barcode that was scanned at the start of the process.
  • The product is conveyed to the two side sealers. As the product transfers through the two side sealers, a four-sided seal is created. The side sealers will also trim the excess film and discharge the trim into a receptacle outside of the machine, using a cleated conveyor.
  • The product is then discharged onto an exit conveyor, which can be aligned with either a customer provided conveyor and/or other material handling device.