Stretch Film

UVI-UV Stabilized Film

MUB is Sigmas high quality secure blown film with UVI additive. MUB is designed for application where exceptional puncture and tear resistance are required during outdoor storage. With its unrivaled

Sigma Select

Sigma Select Cast Machine Film

RESOURCES General Purpose film, Priced Competitive, Chosen for most A & B Loads SELECT CAST is our best selling general purpose, cast co-extruded stretch film. This versatile, competitively priced stretch film’s

Sigma Summit

Sigma Summit Cast Machine Film

RESOURCES Ultra-Premium, One-Side Cling with Easy Unwind for High Speed Machines SUMMIT CAST is Sigma Stretch Film’s newest, ultra-premium, one-side cling, up to 300% pre-stretch, cast co-extruded film. Easy unwind assures great

Sigma Select

Sigma Stretched Hand Film

RESOURCES Pre-stretched for Extra Strength, Better Yield and Lighter Weight SIGMA STRETCHED is the latest innovation from Sigma Stretch Films engineered to outperform all competitive pre-stretched hand films — regardless of

Sigma Supreme

Sigma Supreme Hand Film

RESOURCES Low Case Cost, Light Weight, Premium Grade Hand Film SUPREME is a premium grade film made with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner gauges. Rolls are light-weight and easy

Eco Supreme

Sigma Eco Supreme

RESOURCES Core Extension, Lowest Case Cost, Ultra-Light Weight, High Load-Holding Capabilities eco SUPREME is Sigma Stretch Film’s newest, premium grade stretch film made with special orientation that produces stronger film at