Sigma Stretched Hand Film

Sigma Select


Pre-stretched for Extra Strength, Better Yield and Lighter Weight SIGMA STRETCHED is the latest innovation from Sigma Stretch Films engineered to outperform all competitive pre-stretched hand films — regardless of thickness. SIGMA STRETCHED’s reinforced edges provide unrivaled load-holding force, tear resistance — and its superior puncture resistance holds corners better on C loads. SIGMA STRETCHED’s lightweight rolls and minimal neck down work together to reduce operator fatigue, allow maximum coverage and produce a better yield. With unrivaled clarity, SIGMA STRETCHED’s aggressive cling is designed to perform even in demanding sub zero cold storage applications!


Typical Applications

For protecting shipping labels and other printed surfaces against weather and handling.


SIGMA STRETCHED Applications Include:

  • Cold Environments
  • Grocery Warehouses
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Internal Wrapping
  • Boxed Products
  • Food Processors
  • All Load Profiles


SIGMA STRETCHED — the new, prestretched hand film solution!