CHL Automatic Case Loader

CHL Horizontal Loading System

RESOURCES The CHL horizontal loading system provides flexibility by opening, loading and sealing a case laying horizontally, thereby decreasing the footprint of the integrated loading system and accommodating a wider range

Wexxar Flex E Pack

Flex E Pack Flexible Packaging System

RESOURCES Flex E Pack is the ultimate complete packaging system allowing for a single integrated system to handle all your case forming, packing, and sealing needs.  This type of solution is

Combi 2-EZ Case Erector

2-EZ HS Bottom Case Erector

RESOURCES 2-EZ Case Erector erects and bottom seals cases 6” to 20” long, 4.5” to 16” wide and 4.5” to 18” long, at speeds of up to 12 cases per minute.

Lantech Profit Pack 1

Lantech Profit Pack 1

RESOURCES Something as simple as putting products in a box can have its challenges, particularly when the products are irregular, complex, or expensive. In these circumstances, conventional pick and place automation


Ergopack Hand Pack Station

The Ergopack combines a case erector, a handpack station, and a sealer into a compact an cost-effective workcell for up to 3 operators and cases up to 24″ long by

Expresspack Economy

Combi Expresspack Economy Hand Pack Station

The Expresspack Combines: A Combi CE-10 Case Erector A Custom Hand Pack Station A 3M-Matic 120Af Case Sealer into a cost-effective work cell that handles cases 8” to 17.5” long, 6” to 13.5” wide

DP Drop Packer

Combi DP Drop Packer

RESOURCES With over 35 years of design and innovation, the Combi DP Drop Packer continues to evolve into one of the industry’s most reliable and robust case packing machines. Built into the strongest frame

DPI Drop Packer

Combi DPI Drop Packer

Whatever your product, from shrink wrapped bottles to 2 gallon jugs, the Combi DPI Drop Packer is your productivity solution.  Features:A simple brake and gate system for case indexing with no wear parts