Combi DPI Drop Packer

DPI Drop Packer

Whatever your product, from shrink wrapped bottles to 2 gallon jugs, the Combi DPI Drop Packer is your productivity solution. 



  • A simple brake and gate system for case indexing with no wear parts for maximum uptime
  • An innovative powered case discharge prevents case-to-case contact after the product is packed
  • Four points of contact on the case lift and exclusive soft drop technology support and cushion cases on the up and down strokes
  • Setup and changeovers are simple and fast with modular, slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp product lane guides
  • Custom programmed “States Screens” displayed on the operator interface which offers quick diagnostics and provides feedback on productivity
  • Troubleshooting reduced to mere seconds and production can be monitored by product, operator or shift with this Combi designed software