Product integrity and convenience are important factors in packaging all types of flooring shipments. Certain types of flooring require different packaging methods to ensure they are wrapped securely and protected during shipment. Lightweight shipping items like ceramic tiles, laminate, hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, and cork, can be packed in corrugated boxes, shrink wrapped, or stacked into a pallet for shipping convenience. Heavier types of flooring, like marble tiles, benefit from custom crates that use plastic, wood, and metal to ensure heavy-duty security.

Investing in reliable packaging equipment and ensuring that your flooring packages are secured to their pallet helps your business to reduce product damages during shipment. You can also consider wooden crates and void fill materials, like bubble wrap or foam, to properly protect your flooring shipments.


Whether your goal is to lower your environmental impact or to help your business save money on product materials, sustainable shipment is a simple, cost-effective process. Flooring products are shipped sustainably by utilizing recyclable packaging materials and investing in protective packaging that reduces waste due to product damage. Engineered hardwood flooring and similar types of flooring, can be packed in recyclable paper cartons that are long enough to cover individually stacked wood flooring pieces. Facilities that utilize safe and efficient pallet transportation systems, like AMRs, can reduce the chance of safety risks for forklift operators and lower labor costs.

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