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X-Series Industrial Attachment Tapes

You don’t have time to get caught up in the complexities of selecting the right adhesion — you have a business to run. 3M understands this and now makes selecting the right high-quality tape easier than ever. the X-Series Adhesive transfer tapes help you quickly find a tape that aligns with your specific application.


X-Series High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tapes are frequently used in applications that require excellent shear strength performance, such as hanging posters and signs, trophy and recognition placards, nameplates, and decorative trim and molding. 3M X-Series High Performance Double coated tapes are also used in high or low temperature applications by manufacturers for their temperature performance and holding power.

• Medium-firm acrylic adhesive

• High peel and sheer strength

• Moderate chemical resistance

• -40°F to 450°F temperature range

• Target Application: Attach plastic extrusions, moldings, or profiles to metal


XT-Series High Tack Acrylic Tapes adhere well to smooth but hard to stick surfaces such as coated papers, paperboard, and plastics, but are soft enough to attach moderately textured materials like fabric or foam. Common attachment applications include graphically printed coated papers, paperboard and films in the print, POP and packaging markets. The are also frequently used by industrial manufacturers to attach plastic moldings and trim.

•Excellent initial adhesion

•”Wets out” surfaces for secure hold

•Moderate shear strength

•Good UV and chemical resistance

•Target Application: Securely attach glossy-coated paperboard in retail POP display.

XG- Series General Purpose Acrylic Tapes are ideal for paper stocks, thin films and foils. Widely used in commercial print, graphic arts, and packaging and fulfillment applications, the relatively clean acrylic adhesive is typically less reactive than other formulations and is often used in sensitive applications.

• Medium-firm acrylic adhesive
• Works in low temperatures
• Moderate peel strength
• Doesn’t discolor when exposed to UV light
• Target application: Attach and assemble printed materials (commercial printing)


3MTM XR-Series Rubber Adhesive Tapes remove cleanly from most smooth surfaces, but also adhere well to porous or rough surfaces. these tapes are often used in retail and point-of-purchase markets for tags, labels, posters and signs. the heavier-weight tapes are used for fixturing and plate mounting applications, as well as in attaching commercial carpet and adhering foams and fabrics. 3MTM X-Series rubber adhesive tapes also adhere well to paperboard and corrugated for packaging.

• Rubber adhesive — quick stick
• Removable from most smooth unified surfaces
• Synthetic rubber adhesive is moisture and humidity resistant
• Target application: Temporary attachment, fixturing and mounting




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