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Water Activated Tape Systems

Water Activated Tapes are an easy, economical answer to a wide variety of basic carton sealing challenges. 3M Water Activated Paper Tape 6147, with our 3-way fiber glass reinforcement and high-tack, water activated adhesive, ensures your corrugated boxes stay sealed until ready for opening. For our 3 way fiber glass reinforcing pattern we lace lengthwise threads with a diamond cross-machine pattern. The lengthwise threads are composed of 75 Denier Fiberglass at 33/64″. The spacing ratio is 2-1-1-1-2. We then cross machine threads using 50 Denier Fiberglass to complete the diamond pattern using slightly less than 1-1/4″ spacing between threads. In tandem with the reinforced virgin kraft paper, our high-tack water activated adhesive system holds the tape in place throughout shipping, handling and storage. The tape is 3″ wide, 8.5 mil thick and is available in natural and white colors.

  • Moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces to form a powerful, secure bond
  • Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery
  • Paper construction is easy to handle, making it ideal for hand applications
  • Boxes are sealed secure, yet easy to open without cutting tools
  • Coreless rolls reduce waste and simplify roll changes
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