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Stucco Masking Tape PC 667

What happens when the elements and UV rays begin to break down the adhesive and backing material of masking tape? Adhesive transfer – leaving behind a sticky mess to clean up.

When you need a premium masking tape that can withstand the elements, our PC 667 offers the robust protection that you require for stucco, plaster and concrete masking applications. Featuring UV and moisture resistance up to 14 days, it also offers high tack, excellent conformability and clean removal.

More protection, less clean up. A better job done.

Clean Removal

UV and moisture resistance provides up to 14 days of clean removal, saving money on costly labor and clean up materials. Protects and removes cleanly from a variety of non- painted surfaces:

Metal, glass, wood, concrete, vinyl, plastic, tile and synthetic surfaces

High Tack

Unique high tack adhesive system offers superior performance and strong adhesion in the most demanding temperatures

Easy to use

Tears straight and easy, and conforms well to curved and irregular surface


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