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Sigma Eco Supreme Hand Film

Core Extension, Lowest Case Cost, Ultra-Light Weight, High Load-Holding Capabilities eco SUPREME is Sigma Stretch Film’s newest, premium grade stretch film made with special orientation that produces stronger film at thinner gauges. Core extensions and ultra-light weight rolls make ecoSupreme easy to handle and reduce wrapper fatigue. Engineered to outperform all competitive hand films — regardless of gauge — ecoSUPREME has reinforced edges to provide unrivaled load-holding force and tear resistance. eco SUPREME’s aggressive cling package is strong enough for B and many C loads. Low case prices and on-the-load cost make ecoSUPREME economical. And, using less film per load makes ecoSUPREME — eco-friendly!

Applications Include:

  • Cold Environments
  • Grocery Warehouses
  • Internal Wrapping
  • Boxed Products
  • Food Processors
  • All Load Profiles

ecoSUPREME — the new, economical, eco-friendly hand film solution!

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Sigma Eco Supreme Hand Film


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