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Razor Edge Gold Premium Painter’s Tape

Razor Edge Gold

NEW Razor Edge Gold – Outperforms ordinary blue tape.

Our newest premium painter’s tape leaves the sharpest, cleanest lines imaginable. Razor Edge Gold is the best tape for any painting project. This high performance tape won’t rip or sliver, and its superior paper backing prevents unsightly bleed- through.

Razor Edge Gold uses a new adhesive to remove cleanly, leaving no residue. Our low tack adhesive also removes easily from delicate surfaces and won’t damage drywall, faux finishes, or fresh paint – 24 hours old.

Razor Sharp Lines

Special backing reduces bleed-through, leaving sharper lines when compared to masking tapes.

Clean Removal

Easy removal from walls and other surfaces for up to 60 days.

Low Tack

Won’t damage delicate surfaces like drywall or fresh paint, 24 hours old.


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