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Opti 210

A Tough Film for Those “Sensitive” Challenges Sealed Air’s Opti 210 is all about making your life easier. A multi-layered, electronically cross-linked polyolefin with low shrink tension and forgiving nature, Opti 210 is the perfect film for those soft, easy-to-bend products that can be difficult to wrap.

Opti 210 Features and Benefits

  • Consistently excellent appearance—Superior optics forclarity and gloss; high shrink percentage ensures perfectly conforming packages for optimum retail presentation
  • Tough—Engineered to provide exceptional seal strength for maximum product protection
  • Remarkably versatile—Shrinks to the contours of the package under less than perfect tunnel conditions; seals at a lower range of temperatures on a variety of equipment systems
  • Product-sensitive—Low shrink force keeps softer items from buckling or becoming distorted
  • Non-corrosive—Leaves no carbon buildup on sealing wires or other equipment parts
  • Multiple applications—Perfect for wrapping stationery, gift-wrap and other paper products; snack foods and candy; products in lightweight chipboard trays or containers; linens

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