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Multipack Solutions Tape

Multipack Solution

The Multipack Solution combines Scotch Multipack Tape with CEFMA packaging equipment. These energy-efficient machines reduce costs, enhance production speed, and are easy to implement in any production line. Developed from the same technology as Post-it Notes, Scotch Multipack Solutions Tape is repositionable, enabling customers to remove it without damaging the primary packaging. It uses less material than shrink wrap for a greener solution and does not mask the branding on the original packaging.

  • Transparent, 1.9 mil (0.049 mm) thick clean removal tape formulated for bundling consumer products into multipacks
  • Polypropylene backing can be custom printed for eye-catching display
  • Holds firmly and removes cleanly without damaging primary package graphics
  • Apply manually or use with automated equipment
  • Alternative to shrink films, banding, boxes and bags
  • Choose from stacked, side-by-side, upright or custom bundling options

Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Solutions Tape 694 is specifically designed for bundling consumer products into multipacks. It combines a transparent, custom-printable polypropylene backing and an acrylic adhesive to create a tape strong enough to secure a range of bundling configurations and remove cleanly without damaging packaging.


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