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LS 300 Line Set Tape

Did you know there is a special tape made for line sets?

Shurtape’s new LS 300 Line Set Tape is a specialty UV resistant tape made just for covering HVAC line sets. LS 300 acts as a protective shield on line sets—protecting them from harsh sunlight that over time degrades unprotected or poorly protected foam insulation. Unlike conventional electrical tape or duct tape, LS 300 is made of polypropylene film that unwinds easily and conforms to irregular surfaces. And the poly- propylene film is built for the outdoors—it stands up to rain, snow, sleet, even temperatures ranging from -35°F to 210° F. This specialty tape is an essential product for the tool box of HVAC contractors who want to complete their installations with a tidy and long lasting seal.

  • Durable OPP film and acrylic adhesive
    • Line Set Tape will not delaminate over time. The combination of polypropylene film and acrylic adhesive makes LS 300 printed film tape durable and long lasting.
  • High adhesion
    • Excellent holding power—even in extreme weather. Adheres quickly and easily to foam pipe insulation and HVAC components.
  • Easy to use
    • Conforms easily to the curves and contours of line sets.


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