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Hot Melt Packaging Tape HP200

HP Carton Sealing tape

Our premium HP carton Sealing Tape is developed for superior performance.

  • Versatility- Shurtape HP carton sealing tape 200 is developed for superior performance in automated or manual industrial carton sealing applications. Hand rolls feature Shurtape TR20 release s for consistent unwind and ease of use. Designed also to perform in miscellaneous packaging, holding and repair applications.
  • Strength-Intended for light duty carton sealing, bundling, and repairing of cartons, paper and film bags in normal manufacturing and shipping conditions. Like all of our HP Series Carton Sealing Tapes, HP 200 is constructed of biaxally-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, with a propietary hot melt adhesive for unequaled holding power. When you seal a carton with HP, the carton stays closed. Every time.
  • Consistency– From manual applications to automated packaging lines, HP 200 releases smoothly off the roll and delivers consistent tension. Also developed with a tough, aggressive and consistent case sealing performance and high holding power on corrugated cartons.


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