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Glow in the Dark Gaffers Tape

Now when the lights go out you can see what you need and where to go with Shurtape’s Glow in the Dark gaffers tape. And with its cloth-like conformability you can easily mark surfaces, such as marking entrances and exits, loading areas and stairs. Our newest coated cloth tape features a photo-luminescent pigment, offering the same strong adhesive and bonding qualities you’ve come to expect from Shurtape. And when the show is over, our premium synthetic adhesive removes easily, leaving no residue.

Our Glow in the Dark gaffers tape is hand-tearable in both directions — a feature only available from Shurtape — and quickly conforms to complex 3D surfaces. Professionals can easily write and print with no smudging. Its premium photo-luminescent lime green pigment provides increased duration and light intensity, meeting ASTM International standards for use as safety markings in windowless areas.

Shurtape Glow in the Dark gaffers tape:lighting the way to safer, brighter workspaces.


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