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General ATG Tape

Scotch ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 969 is a 300 acrylic, reverse wound, pressure sensitive adhesive on a densified kraft paper liner. High tack adhesive transfer tape. For use with Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicators.

Scotch ATG Adhesive Transfer Tapes provide an effective bond between more than 350 substrate combinations, making them indispensable for innovative product design. See your designs come together seamlessly with a quick, neat strip of pressure-sensitive adhesive, available for general purpose bonding, high tack and high performance needs.

The Scotch ATG system includes an easy-to-load applicator for optimal efficiency during production, too. Look to 3M for advice on converting these versatile tapes to your specifications.

  • A soft pressure sensitive adhesive system that features high initial adhesion and good holding power to a variety of materials including most plastics.
  • The ATG tape system delivers a controlled application of the adhesive while the liner rewinds into the ATG applicator. It bonds on contact, and works on a variety of substrate or material combinations.
  • The ATG tape system is versatile, convenient, quick and easy to use. There is no mess or clean up. It is a cost effective replacement to rivets, staples, screws, bolts, liquid adhesives. Safer than hot melt adhesives.

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