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FloorMate Temporary Flooring Tape

We want every project to make a mark, but not always a permanent one. Shurtape’s Floormate is the best solution for applying temporary tape on wood floors coated with water-based polyurethane paint systems, including gym floor boundaries and for securing protective floor coverings in a residential/commercial setting, providing a faster, more affordable answer than traditional methods – with no finish damage.

Smooth, curved lines are made possible by the conformable backing on our tape, which can also be used for paint masking. PE 100 is more durable than most paper tapes, is available in colors and removes without tearing or splintering.

So when you think of using a temporary tape on a water-based wood floor finish, think Shurtape FloormateTM – for a tape that stays down when you want it, but comes up clean.


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