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1100 Carton Sealing Tape

With more than 80% of boxes containing recycled fiber content, changes in the fiber and composition of your cartons may impact the ability of your tape to adhere to it. IPG’s NEW 1100 Carton Sealing Tape is designed to stick to every carton – especially recycled corrugate.

FEATURES & BENEFITS of 1100 Carton Sealing Tape:

  • Ground breaking adhesive formulation, developed specifically for optimal closure of high percent content recycled corrugate
  • Expanded temperature and humidity range, unique for a Hot Melt product, provides superior closure
  •  Down to 35°F and 25% relative humidity
  •  At room temperature, 72°F and 50% relative humidity
  •  At 105°F and 75% relative humidity
  •  Ultimately up to 120°F
  • Confidently and successfully seals boxes in more environmental conditions than any other product in its class
  • Manufactured entirely and exclusively in the USA – your guarantee of quality and consistency
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