Wexxar WF30 Auto-Adjust Case Former

Wexxar WF30


The WF30 case former with the new Auto Adjust option automates some of the major size adjustments required on case forming machines during case size changes. The Auto Adjust greatly improves operation efficiency and reduces changeover times and other human factors during set-up.


Features & Benefits:

  • Operation efficiency: Precise, tools free changeover, automating major changeover points when a specific case is selected. Frees the operator to monitor other packaging function
  • Increased productivity: Ensures greater precision in case size adjustments, meaning less time spent running test cases and less waste. Box 1 is Ready to Run
  • Enhanced operating experience: Auto Adjust stores the length, width and height of up to 30 cases in the machine’s touch screen control panel, which can be retrieved easily for future case runs. The running speed can be assigned and saved for each case
  • Ease of changeover: Reliable, repeatable case size changes; reducing changeover times and other human factors where frequent case size changes take place