Wexxar WF 10 Auto Case Former


The WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector showcases a revolutionary omni-handed feature which allows case packers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine without the need for specifically handed equipment.


The fully automatic WF10 omni-handed case former is ideal for customers with multiple product sizes, allowing them to pack products in batches of left-oriented or right-oriented cases with a quick changeover in between. The WF10 case erector’s positive case squaring, delivers square cases in a fully upright position, ready for packing.


With speed and precision, the WF10 erects cases with a maximum speed of 10 cases per minute. Ensuring that your cases are ready for products in crucial. Get the Wexxar WF10 and experience increased time efficiencies and decreased labor costs.


With Wexxar machinery, your products remain safe and secure for shipping and distribution. This fully automatic case former and case erector works to keep your product lines running smoothly and effectively. With a small footprint, compact operations allow Wexxar’s machine to fit into virtually any application and production line. Other features on the WF10 include non-contacting sensors, a compliant driver belt, dynamic flap folding, and much more. Get the fully automatic case former and case erector from Wexxar and secure your products.



  • Speed: Maximum 10 cases per minute (CPM)
  • Size maximum: L: 20 x W: 15 x D: 15 Maximum
  • Size minimum (Smaller/Custom sizes available by request): L: 9 x W: 7 x D: 5 Minimum
  • Positive Case Squaring System: Lines up and squares the case during sealing, creating visually appealing case output
  • Toolless Size Changes: Not only a truly tool free operation, but we have cut the time for a full size change to under 5 minutes