Wexxar Bel 505G3


The BEL 505G3 is a multi-station, semi-automatic case former / case erector and pack station. The new generation BEL 505G3 case erecting machine embodies all the well-known ergonomic innovations of its predecessor, the BEL 505 Semi-Automatic Case Former, but is now a case forming pack station with multiple packing positions. The BEL 505G3 multi-station case erector further enables the operator to stay on top of packing by providing flexibility to pack from the rear end of the case as well as both sides.


The BEL 505G3 box erector also has an expanded standard case width range and is easier and quicker to adjust. Inserting a case blank into a BEL 505 case former results in automatic folding of all four bottom flaps and the case held ready for packing.


Optimizing floor space in lines where space and operator orientation may be restricted, the BEL 505G3 multi-station semi-automatic case former is ideal for packagers looking to further improve ergonomics and case packing efficiency on manual case forming operations.



  • Multiple packing positions
  • Provides flexibility to pack from the rear end of the case as well as both sides
  • Expanded standard case width range
  • Quick and easy to adjust
  • Connects to any BEL case sealer, enabling one person to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation
  • Improves safety by eliminating costly repetitive strain injury problems
  • Modular design allows for a customized BEL system delivered to you at an off-the-shelf lead time and price