VacPack VP Series

VacPack VP Series


Plexpack’s VacPack VP Series set the standard for food, protein, electronics and medical packagers that require a heavy-duty, washdown vacuum, and gas flush sealer at a moderate investment.


Plexpack’s VacPack VP Series are robust, stainless steel food-grade sealers that create vacuum and gas flushed sealed bags for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers employ an ejector style vacuum pump and produce hermetically sealed packages on any heat sealable bag up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted). The VacPack VP Series includes the VP2400, VP3000, and VP3600 floor stand models Tabletop models – VP2440, VP3040 and VP3640 are also available. All models include the same washdown, vacuum, gas flush capabilities.


Vacuum, gas flush and sealing processes on the VacPack can be adjusted to accommodate variations in product and bag material, ensuring reliable seal integrity on every bag. The VP Series employs an easy-to-clean modular design. The extra wide seal section is easy to access and clean. Additional sanitary design features reduce product contamination of the sealer’s pneumatic system. The VacPack comes standard with a 5.7 inch color touchscreen controller that simplifies operation and package customization. Integrated recipe management and intuitive user-defined preferences allow fast, repeatable set up for all sealing, vacuum, and gas flush processes. Settings are available in imperial or metric measurements. The easy-to-use touchscreen provides routine maintenance and troubleshooting data and many user selectable preferences and management features.


Features & Benefits:

Technology works best when it’s dependable and easy to use. Vacpack  VP Series sealers are thoughtfully designed, intuitive to use and takes up minimum space. The standard color touchscreen interface places all crucial settings and variables at your fingertips. Monitoring and tracking cycles, heat, seal pressure and speed is fast, repeatable and simple. The sealing section can be accessed instantaneously for quick changeover of heating elements and Teflon covers.

  • All machines tested to ANSI/PMMI B-155.1-2016
  • All parts UL/CSA approved
  • Consistent, strong vacuum seals that keep your product pure, fresh and secure
  • Extra wide sealing widths
  • Easy operation, intuitive design and low maintenance
  • Industry-leading standard features
  • Numerous custom options are available