VacPack Vacuum Sealer VS1

VS1 Vacuum Sealer


Plexpack’s VacPack Series are robust, stainless steel food-grade sealers that create modified atmosphere packages for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide and heavy products. VacPack vacuum sealers employ an ejector style vacuum pump and produce hermetically sealed packages on any heat sealable bag up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted). Typical applications include coffee, tea, snacks & nuts, medical & sterile kits/devices, bakery products, and cannabis products. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Splash resistant Stainless Steel covers and work shelf – Easy to clean and better protection of machine
  • PLC-based control system on angel adjustable mount – Easier to use and see for operators
  • Easy to use setup and program changeover – Fewer production mistakes due to wrong machine settings
  • Seal lengths 20, 25 and 30 – Seal lengths to match users’ needs
  • Top and bottom 1/4 wide seals – Faster seal times especially on barrier materials
  • Two gas/vacuum nozzles – Higher gas and vacuum flows
  • Multistage Vacuum and Gas flush – Softer vacuums and lower residual oxygen levels
  • Over-sized heavy-duty air cylinders – Higher seal pressures for better quality seals
  • Low-pressure safety close – Extra operator safety
  • Full internal skeleton frame – less flexing for longer life and machine wear
  • Sealed front of machine welded corners ground and finished – Easy cleaning
  • Exhaust collect through one port
  • Over-sized incoming air filter and regulator