TE-280 Tamper Evident Banding System



The TE-280 Tamper Evident banding system is designed to apply small or large format, tamper evident shrink bands to round and rectangular shaped containers.


Originally designed for the dairy industry to apply tamper evident bands to ice cream rounds and scrounds, the TE-280 System has been modified to serve many other applications including salad and produce tubs, baked goods, and baby formula canisters.


Tamper evident shrink bands are a great way to add value to your product, ensuring end users that the product has been safely sealed from production to shelf.


360 Degrees of Support
The key to a successful application for tubs without a supporting “shoulder” is to ensure the placement of the shrink bands around the lid.


The TE-280 System is designed where product always maintains linear flow, and a carrier plate support system wraps around each container. This moving carrier plate system is in sync with product flow, providing a positive, moving shelf for the band to rest. This shelf ensures zero drag and consistent band placement.