Swifty Bagger

Swifty Bagger

The Swifty Bagger is designed to handle many types of pre-made bags including stand-up, guest, and flat bottom bags, with or without zipper closures. The straight flow-through design makes for an easy to use and quick to clean automatic machine that increases productivity and profitability. The Swifty Bagger is suited for any type of product in a bag. Ideal for snack food, candy, pet food, powders, fresh foods, frozen foods, and liquids as well. The Swifty Bagger is available in two models SB-3600 and SB1200.



  • Micrologix PLc
  • Festo cylinders and valves
  • Panel view color touchscreen
  • Shaft-CAM operated with encoder control
  • Variable speed control
  • No-bag no-fill sensor


  • Straight flow-through design
  • Unclustered operation
  • Quick bag loading station
  • Easy to access
  • Fast to clean and maintain
  • User-friendly operation
  • Simple to service