SuperFlex Brand Genesys 20X8500

IPG Genysys


Easily handles difficult loads that are not uniform with the pallet, have an incomplete top layer or have slip sheets which protrude beyond the packed product. High pre-stretch levels engineered to be successfully pre-stretched up to 300% (63 gauge). Exceptional high speed stretchability. Can be pre-stretched and applied on today’s high speed application equipment. Greater roll footage and higher film stretchability means up to 45% fewer roll changes. Superior puncture resistance resists being punctured by objects protruding from pallets by sharp load corners or by poor condition pallets. Exceptional cling holds film tails on loads, even during long term storage. True single-sided-cling formulation prevents wrapped loads from sticking together and causing damage. Excellent clarity allows bar codes and package graphics to be seen. Also allows receivers of products to identify shipping damage prior to accepting delivery.


Typical Applications

This technologically advanced light gauge film reduces the amount of film needed by approximately 30% versus standard film, without compromising strength and quality. All Intertape stretch film products are classified as recycling category #4 for Low Density Polyethylene. Excellent Clarity, exceptional cling, high pre-stretch levels.