Starview- Automatic Inline Film To Tray Food Packaging Machines

Automatic Inline Film


Starview’s AITS Series machines are designed and competitively priced for “fresh counter” packaging, typically a clear or printed film to a preformed tray for food manufacturing companies, catering, grocery stores, etc. The AITS/MAP should be purchased where it is desirable to provide a modified atmosphere in the package prior to sealing. The AITS will produce only sealed packages without a modified atmosphere. The AITS Series are ideal for medium to high production. This series machines can adapt to seal for a wide range of product tray sizes by simply changing the tooling. The AITS Series machines trim the film to the profile of the tray and automatically rewind the scrap web. The AITS Series sealers will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.



  • Complete machine PLC control with color HMI
  • Machines offered for applications that require modified atmospheres (MAP)
  • Automatic film feed, seal and trim and scrap rewind for clear, random or registered print film
  • Automatic tray feeder available
  • Stainless steel wipe down design