Squid Ink SQ LFX PVC

Squid Ink SQ LFX PVC

Squid Ink’s SQ-LFX PVC Laser Fume Extraction System pairs with Squid Ink’s laser marking systems and is designed to exceed the fume extraction demands of your PVC laser marking application. Manufactured by industry leader Bofa™ for Squid Ink, the SQ-LFX PVC fume extractor is the most technically advanced compact laser fume extractor.


The SQ-LFX PVC has been enhanced with BOFA’s iQ Operating System, reverse flow air filter (RFA), and advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology and packs a powerful range of unique features into one compact unit. The iQ Operating System provides numerous benefits: operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real time information and the system provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.


The SQ-LFX PVC is specially designed as the ideal solution to remove the corrosive fumes and particulates generated when laser marking PVC materials. SQ-LFX PVC’s internally exposed surfaces have been coated to resist the corrosive nature of the fumes and each unit is fitted with HCL and VOC sensors, which continually monitor the exhaust air of the unit giving added safety assurance. Along with upgraded sensors, the SQ-LFX PVC features upgraded carbon filters designed to trap the harmful contaminates associated with PVC materials.