Malpack- Axis Machine Film

Axis stretch film

Malpack’s Axis Machine Film is the best defense for your products protection. Axis is able to offer the thinnest, strongest and most reliable film for your shipping needs. Axis is highly machinable at high speed and able to pre-stretch more than 300% without losing its load containment properties. Axis maintains your load security while producing the lowest cost per load!


Smart Layer ® is a new technology developed by Malpack taking the latest advancements in extrusion equipment & resin technology to combine them into one state-of-the-art stretch film. Smart Layer ® features unique layer & resin combinations producing incredible puncture resistance, higher force to load, and extreme pre-stretch capabilities. Smart Layer ® stretch film is engineered to produce the thinnest, strongest machine film in the industry today!



  • Available in 37 to 50 gauge
  • One-Sided Cling Film
  • Ultra-High Performance Machine film
  • Highest Load Containment
  • Highest Puncture Resistance
  • Introduces Smart Layer Technology
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Lowest Cost Per Load