Little David SP-304R BO, Bottom Only Case Former


Little David, celebrating 50 year of Innovation, Quality and Integrity, is proud to release the latest in a series of industrial grade high performance case sealers.


The Little David®SP-304R BO incorporates an anvil pack table station. This provides a table that allows the operator to form the box before sealing the bottom. Random side belt drives positively drive the box through the folding area and over the tape cartridge for a consistent bottom seal. The patent-pending CaseLocker 60 tape cartridge features tool-less quick release wipe rollers and knife blade.



  • Improve productivity and throughput by maximizing operator efficiency
  • Eliminate ergonomic risk factors by reducing operator fatigue and repetitive motion syndrome.
  • Extensive box range, movable control station, and easy access motors, electrics and belts
  • The SP-304R BO Semi-Automatic Random Case Former, combined with the CaseLocker 60 tape cartridge, is an ideal machine for erecting and bottom-sealing random cases for those utilizing a variety of box sizes.
  • Replaces hand taping boxes
  • Case Capacity:
    Length: 8” – max. based on anvil
    Width: 4.5” – 20”
    Height: 3.5” – infinite
  • Processes 32 ect single wall to 44 ect double wall boxes