Little David Microjet III

Loveshaw Microjet


Ink Jet Printers for the Real World

Same as the Multi II, plus an extra line of 7/16″ (5 x 5 dot matrix) printed in any combination. Multiple fonts are what the Multi III is all about. Perfect for porous printing jobs that require three lines of print in a limited amount of space.


  • Prints multiple lines and character heights:
    • One, two or three lines of 5 X 5 dot matrix at 11/32″ (8.7mm) character height or
    • One line of 7 X 5 dot matrix at 1/2″ (12.7mm) character height or
    • One line of 11 X 7 dot matrix at 13/16″ (20.6mm) character height or any combination in a message
  • Self-contained non contact coding system
  • High speed valves (16) standard
  • Messages Save Areas = 100 (39 fixed characters per line)