Lantech Q-300XT Plus Simple Automation Stretch Wrapping System

Lantech Q300XT Plus


Drop one load off. Pick one load up. No double handling.


  • All of the features and benefits of the Q-300XT with even more automation.
  • Wraps load and moves it out of the way for the next load.
  • Eliminates double-handling of load by fork truck operator.
  • Standard load-on-conveyor configuration accommodates two pallets.
  • Add additional conveyor sections to optional load on turntable configuration to accommodate up to four pallets.
  • No scheduled preventative maintenance.

Pallet Grip ®

Don’t Take More Risk Than You Have To!


Millions of loads slide off their pallets during shipment each year, causing billions of dollars of rework and waste.


Pallet Grip (patented) rolls up a film cable and drives it down onto the pallet, locking the load. This makes sure your load does not slide off during transit.


Click-n-Go TM
Stretch Wrapping Loads at the Touch of a Button!


Enhances portability by eliminating requirement to install a ceiling- mounted lanyard.


Each unit can handle up to 3 machines.