Lantech C400 Caser Erector/ Case Former

Lantech C400 Case Erector/Case Former


Lantech case erectors always open your cases squarely, fold the flaps without overlapping where they meet at the middle, and apply the tape securely and evenly along the bottom centerline. The Lantech C400 Case Erector can erect up to 8 cases per minute.


Our case erectors make square cases because:
1. The unique case pickup frame provides two-panel control of the case as it transitions from knock-down to open position.
2. The minor flaps are also folded while the case is stationary.
3. Unique slotted flap folders fold the major flaps while the case is stationary.


Cases that aren’t square are more difficult to fill manually, and can be impossible to fill with automatic packers. They resist going through automatic sealers, increasing the frequency of disruptive line stoppages. They are difficult to align properly at the corners when stacking, often resulting in a hazardous loss in stacking strength.