Lantech C1000 Case Erector

Lantech C1000


Lantech Case Erectors create “good packages” by squaring up the case (90 degree corners) where the bottom flaps meet evenly without overlapping, and the sealing tape is applied evenly and has equal “legs” on the side of the box.


Cases that aren’t “square” are hard to pack, resist going through automatic sealers, don’t stack well (hard to align – stacking strength comes from corner alignment), and don’t look good. The C1000 Case Erector is speedy and reliable. Compared to the C2000 case erector, the C1000 is able to erect 10 more cases per minute.

Our case erectors make square cases because:


1. The pickup frame provides two-panel control of the case as it transitions from knock-down to open position.
2. Unique slotted flap folders fold the major flaps while the case is stationary.
3. The minor flaps are also folded while the case is stationary.
4. Industry’s best service network and call center


You can rely on Lantech Case Erectors because they don’t jam! Jams are the number one cause of downtime for case erectors.


1. Powered magazine consistently delivers blanks to proper pickup (feed) position.
2. Pickup frame provides positive control of case and overcome manufacturing variations in the cases.
3. All flaps are folded while the case is held square by the pickup frame and before it moves into the side belts.


Lantech Case Erectors erect and seal a wide variety of applications which include:
-HSC and RSC cases
-B and C flute
-single wall