IPAK TF-200 Auto Tray Former


The IPAK TF200 automatic tray former is can form a wide range of tray styles including four-corner trays, one and two piece telescoping trays, and variations of triangulated corner and self-locking trays. The wide variety of trays formed means the TF200 is suitable for all types of industries and businesses depending on the demands of your tray.


With precision servo drives providing an accurate blank advance and dynamic flap folding, the TF200 perfectly forms each and every tray to provide superior stacking strength and a perfect aesthetic. Furthermore, servos provide significantly reduced operational costs with less energy consumption as well as less maintenance required. Electrical servo motors utilize a fraction of the energy compared to traditional pneumatic motors while also significantly less wear and tear parts.


  • All mechanical drive train 
  • Easy load hopper
  • Piab type vacuum pick system 
  • Offset dual vacuum cam design
  • Corrosion resistant construction 
  • Remote Demand Controlled
  • Nordson hot melt adhesive system
  • All controls 24 Volts DC 
  • Programmable Controller
  • Fully interlocked safety guarding