IPAK ABH Automatic Bliss Box Former – Hot Glue


The Wexxar ABH Automatic Bliss Former represents an industry standard in quality, performance, and safety. The ABH universally forms many types of Bliss boxes, balancing maximum vertical stacking strength with economical use of corrugated. ABH machines are built for heavy duty round-the-clock production using the latest in design and manufacturing technology.


This consistently accurate machine delivers superb performance and esthetics, thus minimizing damage returns. Equipped standard with Servo motion control, the ABH allows packagers to customize the handling of their Bliss boxes for precision forming at speeds up 25 boxes per minute. The ABH varies speed and adapts itself to the box being formed, easily meeting the needs of more complicated box designs.



  • Case Connect – custom variable speeds and glue pattern pre-sets for different tray sizes
  • Build your own pre-sets for case sizes and speeds or have the Case Connect System calculate and suggest settings for you
  • Compact, vertical design maximizes valuable floor space
  • Built-in interlocked safety guarding that meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Size change in 30 minutes or less with “Quick Change” option
  • High-end tubular, steel construction for added strength
  • Servo motion control for fast, accurate box forming
  • All electrical components are UL/ULC recognized, name- brand quality and meet NEC, UL, and NFPA code standards
  • Equipped with choice of Nordson or ITW Dynatec hot melt system