Intertape USA 2324-OPF



This USA 2324- OPF is specifically designed for processing One Piece Folders (OPF) as low as ½”. It features premium top and bottom drive belts allowing the processing of the widest range of cases. Every Interpack™ Case Sealer comes with an HSD 2000-ET II tape head with adaptive technology to provide optimal tape application and wipe down to each of the 3 taped panels of the case.


Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to process one piece folders as low as ½” tall
  • Pneumatic wipe down unit folds tape leg under the case for secure seal
  • Top & bottom drive captures the case between 4 moving belts to cradle the OPF during processing
  • 1/2 HP bottom drive and 1/4 HP upper drive for 24/7 operation
  • Slide and lock upper head simplifies case size set up
  • Easily converts to a top & bottom sealer with the addition of an optional lower tape head
  • Reversible controls for left or right hand operation
  • Dual column for maximum processing stability
  • Horizontal self-centering side guides
  • Multi-wheel top squeezers standard