Intertape USA 2324-BB

Intertape USA 2324 BB


USA SERIES – Bottom Belt Drive Models


This common drive style provides the benefit of simplicity of design and is appropriate for many applications. The case is carried past the tape heads on the tops of twin bottom belts. This style requires some downward pressure form the upper head assembly to propel it past the tape heads. This requirement may make it unsuitable for lightweight, unstable, void filled or narrow case sizes.


  • Offset Tape Heads Will Process Cases As Low As 2″ Tall
  • Horizontal Self Centering Side Guides
  • Slide & Lock Upper Head Provides Rapid Case Size Set Up
  • “Floating” Upper Head Improves Tape Application And Wipe Down When Processing Compressible Overfills
  • Standard 3 Wheel Top Squeezers
  • 1/2 HP Gearmotor Processes Heavier Cases
  • Self Tensioning / Self Tracking Belt Drive