Intertape USA 2024-WAT

IPG USA 2024 WAT Case Sealer


Interpack™ developed a water-activated case sealer that addresses all the previous unfulfilled needs of the market: high throughput speeds, low maintenance and low cost. Now, closing cartons with water-activated tape can be faster and easier than ever before. Interpack’s USA Series Case Sealers are adjustable, operator fed machines that process same sized Regular Slotted Containers (RSC).

Features & Benefits:

  • Twin 1/3 HP gear motors process heavy cases for 24/7 operation
  • New patented roller-style adhesive activation technology self cleans for less maintenance
  • Easy loading bottom tape roll with pneumatic carriage
  • Simplicity of the tape head assemblies makes it easy to thread the tape roll
  • Double wipe down provides an extra secure seal
  • Adjustable tape leg lengths
  • Large up to 4,500’ tape rolls for fewer roll changes
  • Slide & lock case height adjustment for quick case size set up
  • Side belt drive captures the case between two moving belts for processing stability
  • Color coded indicator assures proper spacing between cases
  • Powered tape unwind for high output line speeds
  • Easy tape head access for routine maintenance