Intertape USA 20-BFF



Interpack’s USA Series Case Sealers are adjustable,operator fed machines that process same sized RSC style cases. The USA 20-BFF improves productivity and ergonomics by assisting the operator with automated assemblies such as extended side drives, “T” rail pack station and bottom flap folding. Every InterpackTM Case Sealer comes with an ET 2Plus tape head with adaptive technology to provide optimal tape application and wipe down to each of the 3 taped panels of the case.


When you compare features, benefits and value, InterpackTM Case Sealers are the right choice for operators, plant engineers, maintenance and purchasing.


Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty construction will process up to 85 lb. cases

  • “T” rail pack table with case forming ski stabilizes the

    case during packing

  • Extended 2” side belt drives power the case through bottom flap folding

  • Rotating flap plows ensure smooth bottom flap folding

  • Additional optional “T” rail tables available for

    narrower or wider cases

  • Twin 1⁄3 HP motors for 24/7 operation

  • Reversible controls for left or right handed operation