Garrido V-50 Cross Seal


The V-50 High Speed Continuous Motion Vertical Cross Seal is controlled with 6 servo motors to ensure accuracy and speed. The machine includes a 6ft belted infeed conveyor which is controlled by the touchscreen. The spacing conveyor is servo motor controlled to ensure stable speeds and smooth transitions onto the film transfer. The “side seal” takes place on top, above the product and is servo motor controlled as well. 

The top seal allows less use of film on tall products. The cross-seal conveyor consists of 2 separately driven belts controlled by individual servo motors. One of the belts is before the cross seal and the other one after. The belt has a closing conveyor on the sealing gap. The cross seal is in a vertical position and is powered with a servo motor. Another servo motor controls the box motion of the cross seal. The V-50 is ideal for many industries, particularly contract packaging, filters, beverage, cleaning supplies, and beauty supplies. 

Features & Benefits

  • 6ft belted infeed conveyor
  • Closing conveyor
  • Print registration 
  • Automatic product spacing
  • Easy interfacing for fully automatic operation
  • Touch screen control with preset memory for different jobs
  • Machine includes heavy-duty casters for easy movement
  • Quick change over
  • Engraved legends facilitate setup position locations 
  • 6 Micro perforation wheels with interchangeable pins and backup brush 
  • Horizontal and vertical sensor selection for different product detection 
  • Scrap take away wheel
  • Solid knife sealing blade; makes consistent seals with many different films and has a long operational life
  • 3 piece insert is also available