Garrido S-50 Side Sealer


This high-speed continuous motion side sealer is part of the Advantage Machinery Servo Series line, consisting of continuous motion side sealers manufactured using the most modern technology available. 

  • The infeed conveyor automatically spaces the product and feeds in onto the sealing conveyor, where the product is side sealed continuously
  • The product then continues on the takeaway conveyor and is cross-sealed
  • The cross seal is synchronized with the transfer seal belt, creating a continuous motion
  • The continuous motion ensures a stable product transfer and avoids product slipping, as it will never stop throughout the entire sealing process

This machine allows for a variety of products to be packaged, including very long and variable length products. 

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to change over and operate
  • Equipped with a 6ft belted power conveyer (other lengths and configurations are available upon request)
  • Touch screen control with preset memory for different jobs
  • Includes heavy duty castors for easy movement 
  • 6 micro perforation wheels with interchangeable pins and back up brush  
  • Rotary levers and engraved rulers to facilitate main adjustments