Fully Blistered Sealing Machines

Fully Blistered


Starview’s FAB Series fully automated rotary type blister sealing machines are ideal for high volume or JIT production. Given the proper conditions these machines are capable of up to 22 cycles per minute in production. The FAB Series automated rotary blister sealing machines are built with the capability to feed blister(s), blister card(s) and discharge finished packages when proper tooling is installed. These machines may be used for con- ventional carded blisters, full face blisters and half-clamshell styles.



  • Complete machine PLC control with color HMI
  • Blister feeder, Card Feeder and Finished Package Unloader Standard
  • Heavy-duty industrial design floor model machine
  • Smooth and reliable table operation with heavy-duty cam indexer and AC variable frequency drive
  • Excellent for high volume OEM’s and contract packagers